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AeroGuard Flight School Locations

Global Flight Training Beyond Jeddah

Jeddah Flight School

AeroGuard cadets have the opportunity to study across multiple international locations to best align with their career goals. Whether you decide to enroll in the KSA program or the Dual License program, all of AeroGuard’s campuses provide unparalleled commercial pilot training in ideal learning environments.

As an AeroGuard cadet, you can rest assured you’ll have focused and continuous training as all 5 campuses offer ample flying days a year with a variety of airspace and weather patterns.

AeroGuard Flight School Locations

AeroGuard flight school campuses are located across the southern U.S. in areas that offer the perfect conditions for flight training – from weather and climate, to local airspace complexity. We offer housing near most locations so students can easily relocate and complete their training in the shortest time frame to start their career.

  • Rabigh, Saudi Arabia (near Jeddah)
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Austin, Texas

This creates new learning experiences and improves your decision making skills and better preparing you for a career as a pilot. A higher number of flying days allows AeroGuard cadets to progress through our courses more efficiently. With us, you’ll be on a direct path to success. Simply put, AeroGuard Flight Training Center is the right pilot school for you, wherever you are.

AeroGuard ArabiaSM conducts its primary operations from the Rabigh Domestic Airport (OERB).  Located north of Jeddah, our flight school is perfectly located for accelerated training.  This airport is almost exclusively used for training AeroGuard cadets, it also is nearby several airports to help diversify a cadet’s experience. Additionally, this location includes our own training airspace along the coast of the Red Sea.

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