AeroGuard Flight School Scholarships for Back to School

Scholarships for Flight School

AeroGuard has given away a $5,000 back-to-school scholarship!

Congrats, Joey Sanchez!


Each applicant was tasked with creating a video no more than 2 minutes long about what becoming a pilot would mean to them.

Joey created an excellent video with incredible creativity, beautiful visuals and a great story. Though some might say he has the dream job – running an adventure sports destination in Baja, Mexico – he’s always dreamed of flying professionally. Through the duration of a broken hand injury, Joey buckled down on his studies and obtained his PPL once he recovered, still seeking to reach his goal. He’s ready to be a full-time pilot, and make connections all over the world. Now is his opportunity to shine with AeroGuard FTC – once he shaves his beard, of course!

When Will the Next Scholarship Be?

Stay tuned for the next scholarship opportunity!

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