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Can you come up with the best caption for our aviation themed cartoon? Submit your idea for your chance to win $1,000 off your flight training program. Check out the Rules and Prizes tab for all the details.

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I love this caption because it shows the man holding onto his “dreams” in the form of planets. It’s also a great caption because it shows him higher than the plane which goes to show us that even though we

Fly high, shine bright

The jet sped majestically, carrying businessmen, families, students, and tourists across lands and oceans. Meanwhile, Tom’s dreams brought him higher, higher, higher…

Keep your head out of the clouds, and your aircraft in them.

There’s no strings attached when following your dreams


Dreams live in the sky

As a Commercial Pilot, you are closer to space than you think

He wanted to go even higher then aeroplanes. He set off for the adventure of a lifetime, flying into the abyss of space. He felt as if he had the world in his hand guiding him into a place imagination

Boy they’re trying real hard to switch everyone to solar.

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