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Airlines are experiencing a critically high demand for new pilots with over 600,000 job openings by 2036. Congratulations on being referred to AeroGuard Flight Training Center to take part in this opportunity!

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Why Choose AeroGuard for Your Commercial Flight Training

  • Pilot Pathway Program Takes You from 0 Flight Experience to Commercial Pilot in as Little as 10 Months
    • Complete 7 FAA pilot ratings and certifications
    • Guaranteed interview as CFI with AeroGuard upon completion of training
    • Guaranteed interview with SkyWest Airlines during hiring periods
    • Dedicated academic advisor and academic workshops for ground training
    • Unlimited access to RedBird simulators
    • Unlimited overage hours strategically placed by your training managers to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success
    • Unlimited flight observations of other students’ missions to help prepare for your own
  • Rotor Transition Program Available for Current Helicopter Pilots Seeking a Commercial Airline Career
    • Complete all necessary training in as little as 4 months
    • A carefully optimized curriculum takes you from Airplane PPL to IR to CPLME requiring only 10 hours of solo time before you’re able to log PIC time.
  • 1-Week Add-On Programs Get You Further, Faster!
    • PPLME – add a multi-engine rating to your PPL in just 9 days! Multi-engine ratings allow you to fly bigger, faster, longer.
    • CPLME – add a multi-engine rating to your CPL in just 9 days! A prerequisite to many airline and charter jobs, this rating will put you higher in the job market.
    • CFII – add an instrument rating to your CFI in just 6 days! This rating will allow you more training options which means more students and more hours, faster.
    • MEI – add a multi-engine rating to your CFI in just 9 days! Complete your entire suite of instructor ratings with the MEI to put you at the top of the instructor job market.
  • Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate Program
    • Complete your flight training with AeroGuard while obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation online through Liberty University!
  • International Student Commercial Pilot Programs
    • Customized training programs to meet in-country and airline requirements
    • Dedicated student-services team to help with relocation, housing, visas, immigration and more
  • Several Ideal Flying Locations Throughout the US
    • Phoenix, AZ – Deer Valley Airport
    • Chandler, AZ – Chandler Municipal Airport
    • Austin, TX – Georgetown Municipal Airport
    • Fort Myers, FL – Punta Gorda Airport
  • Unmatched Training Quality and Safety Standards
    • Expert maintenance center and FAA Diamond Award recipients for 2018 and 2019
    • Solo-flight safety training
    • Safety stop and SMS programs
    • Low student to instructor ratios for greater hands on training
    • Strong academic infrastructure of training professionals from instructors to training managers to team leaders
    • A Duty CFI to monitor all your solo flights and more!
  • Financing Available to Those Who Qualify and Student Housing Available at Some Campuses

From Zero Experience to Commercial Airline Pilot in About 2 Years

Our Pilot Pathway Program is the most efficient and dependable way to launch your career in aviation.

• First Solo Flight & Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Certified Flight Instructor License

Pilot Training Phase
About 10 months

Graduate with 7 FAA Ratings and Certifications

Paid Pilot Intern Phase
14 to 18 months

Guaranteed Final Interview With SkyWest Airlines

Your Career Begins!