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Airlines are experiencing a critically high demand for new pilots with over 600,000 job openings by 2036. Congratulations on being referred to AeroGuard Flight Training Center to take part in this opportunity!

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Why Choose AeroGuard for Your Commercial Flight Training

  • Safety-First Training

AeroGuard ensures that safety is our first priority. AeroGuard offers a number of unique safety measures such as a safety management system, safety stop program and a duty CFI. AeroGuard’s on-site maintenance team was presented with the FAAST AMT Diamond Award of Excellence for 2018 and 2019.

  • Aviation English Training

AeroGuard offers continued Aviation English support after arrival with over 90 hours of Aviation English instruction in conjunction with students’ flight training. Topics include: Lost, Landings, Weather, Fuel, Gravity, Technology, Pressure, Animals and Bird Strikes, Health, Security and others.

  • 4:1 Student Instructor Ratio

With over 150 certified flight instructors on staff, we’re able to keep our student to instructor ratio extremely low ensuring every international student receives the dedicated support they need to be successful.

  • Standardized Fleet

AeroGuard provides an impressive fleet of over 70 Piper single and multi-engine aircraft expertly maintained by a 24-hour on-site maintenance team. Additionally, AeroGuard exercises 11 simulators with standardized cockpits during training to ensure a smooth transition between aircraft and simulator.

  • Weather & Airspace

AeroGuard offers multiple locations across the United States with ideal flight training conditions. Students have the opportunity to fly in various weather conditions over 350 days out of the year in a blend of airspace complexity.

  • Student Housing & Support Services

AeroGuard provides a dedicated student services team to assist students in acclimating to life in the United States. Support services include student housing with transportation to and from the campus, insurance, off-campus activities, academic support as well as immigration and TSA support.

  • International Expertise & Program Customization

Through our extensive 20+ years of experience working closely with a wide variety of international airlines and universities, AeroGuard offers a highly proficient level of expertise. AeroGuard works closely with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) in South Korea, and AeroGuard’s training courses are approved by the CAAC (Civil Aviation Authority of China).