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Make the Move to Arizona to Pursue Your Pilot Career in the Best Flight Training Environment.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona provides the resources you need to establish a long and successful pilot career.

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a commercial airline pilot? Make the move from California to Arizona and begin building your future career with AeroGuard Flight Training Center. Our high quality training programs and ideal flight training environment will set you up for success.

By relocating to AeroGuard’s Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll have a direct path to major airlines with our Pathway Program in partnership with SkyWest Airlines. Not only are you guaranteed final pilot interview with SkyWest once you complete the program and acquire your 1500 hours, but you’ll also receive a guaranteed interview with three major airlines: United, Delta, and Alaska Airlines.

Make the investment for your future career and come to Arizona for pilot training. Here, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience you need for a long and successful career flying the skies.

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Why Relocate to Make AeroGuard Your Flight School?

The ideal flight training location is just a state away. While California and Arizona offer similar weather, Arizona provides a more affordable environment while you focus on your training and pursue your future career. In addition to a better cost of living in Arizona, AeroGuard partners with several loan providers to make pilot training more accessible. Experience AeroGuard’s high quality training programs, 95+ aircraft fleet, 350+ days of ideal flying weather a year, and unique student support.

  • Accelerated Flight Training Programs with Professional Standards
  • Up to 15% Lower Cost with Our High-Quality FAA-Approved Reduced Hour Courses
  • Industry Leading Training Quality and Exceptional Safety Procedures
  • Full-Financing Options Available with Multiple Lending Partners
  • Partnership with SkyWest Airlines, the Largest Regional Airline in the U.S.
  • Guaranteed Interviews with Three Major Airlines: Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines with SkyWest Partnership
  • Multiple Training Programs to Match Your Background and Goals


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Why Arizona for Flight School?

Arizona offers endless opportunities for you to establish a successful pilot career at an accelerated rate. By making the move and training at AeroGuard, you’ll have access to:

  • Ideal Flying Weather 350+ Days a Year
  • Airspace Complexity for Valuable Experience
  • Experienced & Highly-Qualified Instructors
  • Guaranteed CFI Interview Upon Program Completion
  • More Accessible Training with 4 Lending Partners
  • Advanced Pilot Training Equipment & Technology
  • Comprehensive Programs & Structured Curriculum¬†
  • Student and Career Support Throughout Training
  • Exceptional Safety Standards
  • Community of Hundreds of Like-Minded Individuals


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Accelerated & Degree Based Programs

AeroGuard offers multiple career-focused pilot training programs to set you up for success in your professional career.

  • Pilot Pathway Program Takes You from 0 Flight Experience to Airline Ready in 2.5 Years
    • Complete 7 FAA pilot ratings and certifications
    • Clear Path to 1,500 Flight Hours – Guaranteed CFI interview upon completion of training
    • Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with SkyWest Airlines and Three Major Airlines: United, Delta, and Alaska¬†
  • University Flight Training Affiliate Programs
    • Complete your flight training with AeroGuard while obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree!
    • AeroGuard partners with Arizona State University and Purdue Global University to offer two unique degree programs
    • Graduate with 7 FAA certificates and flight ratings
  • Rotor Transition Program Available for Current Helicopter Pilots Seeking a Commercial Airline Career
    • Complete all necessary training in as little as 4 months
    • A carefully optimized curriculum takes you from Airplane PPL to IR to CPLME


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AeroGuard Student Support

AeroGuard offers resources to our students like housing options and living stipends to help make relocating easier. You will live in dorm-style apartments with other student pilots, allowing you to build valuable connections that will establish a supportive community.

  • Housing Accommodations
  • Living Stipends
  • Academic & Career Support
  • Valuable Networking Opportunities
  • Supported By Like-Minded Individuals
  • Ideal Flight Training Weather All-Year Round
  • Easy Commute To and From Campus
  • Hands-On Training and Learning Experience


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Pursue Your Pilot Career Today

Take the leap and relocate to Arizona for flight school and receive the resources, support, and high quality training AeroGuard Flight Training Center has to offer.

Start your career today!

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