AeroGuard Flight School - Commercial Pilot Training

Become A Commercial Airline Pilot

Airlines are experiencing a critically high demand for new pilots with over 600,000 job openings by 2036.
Prepare for your future career with pilot training from AeroGuard Flight Training Center

Connect with a career advisor to learn how quickly you can become a successful commercial airline pilot.

Why to Choose AeroGuard for Your Commercial Flight Training

  • High Quality Flight Training, in a Professional Environment
  • Flight Training Programs to suit all training goals;
  • Professional Pilot Pathway Program
    University Degree based Pilot Training
    Rotor Transition Program
    Individual FAA Ratings
    Accelerated 1-week Add Ons

  • 20+ Years Experience Training 6,000+ Commercial Pilots
  • Unmatched Training Quality, Curriculum and Student Support
  • On-site Aircraft Maintenance and Safety Management Systems
  • Zero Experience to Commercial Pilot in about 10 months.
  • Guaranteed CFI Interview, and First Officer Interview with SkyWest Airlines to get you to Commercial Airlines in about 2 Years.
  • Financing and Housing Options Available
AeroGuard flight school locations on map

AeroGuard Locations across the U.S.;

AeroGuard has five locations from coast to coast, in prime locations offering ideal weather for flight conditions, as well as suitable ranges of airspace complexity for training.
Relocate to an AeroGuard campus to fast track your training and career.

  • Riverside, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Austin, Texas
  • Fort Myers, Florida

From Zero Experience to Commercial Airline Pilot in About 2 Years

Our Pilot Pathway Program is the most efficient and dependable way to launch your career in aviation.

• First Solo Flight & Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Certified Flight Instructor License

Pilot Training Phase
About 10 months

Graduate with 7 FAA Ratings and Certifications

Paid Pilot Intern Phase
14 to 18 months

Guaranteed Final Interview With SkyWest Airlines

Your Career Begins!