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Participant Guidelines

Last Modified: 1/11/2021

Participants must abide by the following performance guidelines during the Program

Time Off

  • The Program will have scheduled time off for Participants. An annual calendar with scheduled days off is available upon request. Participants are not expected to take time off or vacations during the Pilot Cadet Phase as breaks in training will impact performance. In extenuating circumstances, short absences may be provided and require prior written approval from the Vice President, Flight Operations. AeroGuard has no obligation to approve any requests for taking time off, and AeroGuard cannot guarantee that any request will be approved. AeroGuard has no liability for any expenses incurred by a Participant before any request for time off is approved by AeroGuard.
  • Participant must notify his/her Instructor, Training Manager, or Vice President, Flight Operations if Participant is ill, has a religious reason for nonattendance, or requests time off.
  • If a Participant misses five consecutive days or more, or 10 total days, because of illness or any other absence, excused or otherwise, during the Program, Participant will face a Review Board and face possible Termination.

Outside Employment & Education

  • The Program is considered full time education, and employment by AeroGuard as a Certified Flight Instructor is full time employment, and therefore no other full time education, or employment, that interferes with performance is permitted by Participant.
  • Interference of performance by Participant in the program is defined as, but not limited to, any of a) inability to fly missions as scheduled due to other time commitments b) lack of preparation and studying due to insufficient time availability or c) lack of suitable rest period between flights.
  • Any external education or employment, of a flexible and part time nature, would require prior written approval from the Vice President, Flight operations, which can be rescinded at any time.
  • Failing to adhere to this rule will result in immediate Review Board and face possible Termination.

Cancelled Missions

  • Missions that are cancelled for the following reasons;
    • No Show
    • Late Student
    • Unprepared Student
    • Sick Cancellation with less than 2 Hours’ notice
  • Will all be considered a ‘No Show’.
  • No Show missions by Participant will result in the following;
    • First instance ‘No Show’ – Warning
    • Second instance ‘No Show’ – $200 Fine to be taken from Reserve Fund
    • Third instance ‘No Show’ and all subsequent ‘No Show’ events – $200 Fine and Review Board and possible Termination.

Unprepared Student

  • Student will be considered unprepared for a flight or other scheduled mission if the following conditions are not met;
    • Student must adhere to the Personal Appearance and Dress Code policy
    • Student must have completed all Pre-Briefing tasks including flight planning activities, weight and balance and risk assessment.
    • Previously assigned course work as directed by the flight instructor or Training Course Outline must be completed.
    • Student must be within limitations of the plane for the assigned flight. These limitations may vary based on aircraft, but requires students to be below 300lb in the Piper Archer and below 250lb in the Cessna 152 and Piper Seminole. Students must also be able to freely manipulate and operate all controls in the cockpit.
    • Students must have all required documents on person at time of ramp-out for flights including AeroGuard ID, FAA Pilot Certificate, Medical Certificate and Government Photo ID

Cancelled Written Tests

  • FAA Written tests are arranged by AeroGuard based on position in training 5 weeks in advance and notice is given to students. Cancellation of a written test by Participant will be interpreted as failure to prepare, and will be treated as a failed test, including Participant being charged a non-refundable test fee.
  • Two instances of cancelled written tests will demonstrate significant lack of preparation by Participant and will result in Review Board and possible Termination.

Poor Performance

  • Participant may also face Review Board and possible Termination based on poor performance in training as signified by:
    • Two Unsatisfactory consecutive Stage Checks will result in a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) being developed for Participant. Unsatisfactory performance of a subsequent third consecutive Stage Check will result in Review Board and possible Termination.
    • Two failed consecutive Check Rides will result in a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) being developed for Participant. Failure of a subsequent third consecutive Check Ride will result in Review Board and possible Termination.
    • Four total Check Ride Failures will result in Review Board and possible Termination.
  • Participation in the program following 12 Months (Full Program) or expected contract timeline plus two months, may also result in Review Board and possible Termination
  • Participant should also be aware that each unsatisfactory Stage Check, or failed Check ride may delay training for up to 2 weeks due to scheduling.

Participant Conduct

  • AeroGuard has the sole right, at its own discretion, to send Participant for Review Board and possible Termination for behavior including, but not limited to:
    • Arrest on a felony or misdemeanor charge.
    • Failure of a drug test.
    • Found under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on AeroGuard property.
    • Loss of Medical Certification.
    • Failure to comply with policies stated in Participant Handbook.
    • Exceeds 50 Infraction points as stated in the Participant Handbook

Review Board Process

  • As outlined herein Participant may be brought toward Review Board for behavior while enrolled in the program. During this Review Board a group of AeroGuard employees will evaluate student’s performance, behavior and attitude in the program. This list of Review Board participants may include Instructors, Training Managers, Academic Advisors and VP Flight Operations.
  • Based on the Review Board recommendation, AeroGuard has the sole discretion to either;
    • Fully Terminate Participant as a Student from AeroGuard
    • Terminate Student from the Pathway Agreement, but allowed to continue training with AeroGuard on a Pay As You Go model. A new contract and pricing terms would be provided.
    • Allow Participant to remain in Pathway following additional training covered within a separate agreement and cost structure
    • Allow Participant to remain in Pathway
  • In the first two instances, Students would receive out-processing paperwork for their Pathway Agreement and financing.

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