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Be In Demand - Become A Pilot

AeroGuard graduates have a direct path to pilot careers, through our SkyWest Airlines Partnership.

Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

If you have ever wanted to make your office one where you see the world becoming a professional pilot is the best option for you. Being thousands of feet up in the air, watching birds fly by, seeing lightning form in clouds miles away, and overlooking city skylines are only possible by becoming a pilot.

Choosing a career as a pilot is better than ever with the demand for pilots worldwide. Boeing projects that by 2037 the aviation industry will need to supply over 600,000 commercial airline pilots. Many of these pilots are working towards the most popular career options, Major Airline Pilots and Regional Airline Pilots, which our program is built towards. There are many career opportunities for you as a pilot such as:

  • Law Enforcement Pilot
  • Drone Pilot
  • Cargo Pilot
  • Flight Instructor
  • Military Pilot
  • Fire Fighter Pilot
  • Test Pilot
  • Astronaut / Space Pilot
  • Medical Pilot
  • Media Pilot
  • Agricultural Pilot
  • Charter Pilot
  • Corporate / Business Pilot
  • Air Tour Pilot
  • Banner Pilot
  • Government Service Pilot

Reviewing only a few of the many career options pilots have may have given you an idea of the direction you want to take. Once you have an idea of the pilot career path you would like to follow your next steps are finding which certification or license is required. After this the only thing left to do is start training!


AeroGuard & SkyWest

Our unique partnership and program with SkyWest create a seamless transition from pilot-in-training to commercial pilot. We also work with commercial pilots that work for SkyWest Airlines looking for continued training.

A pilot-in-training is eligible for an interview with SkyWest after training and 1,500 hours of flight with AeroGuard. SkyWest partnered with AeroGuard has shown a 99% hire rate of our students.

Benefits of Our Partnership
  • Become a professional SkyWest pilot
  • Enhanced seniority in ground school class
  • Receive SkyWest employment offer after end-of-program review
  • Receive a mentor pilot from SkyWest
  • Bi-weekly visits from SkyWest pilot recruiters
  • Current SkyWest employees receive eligibility for Professional Leave of Absence to continue flight training and education with AeroGuard Elite program.

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Pilots flying planes

Not Your Average Job

When working in aviation you don’t have the average 9-5 desk job, Monday through Friday. As a pilot you are active, constantly moving on the ground and through the air. If you are seeking a career that enables you to travel, earn great money, and see the world in a whole new way then you found the right profession!

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