AeroGuard Flight School - Commercial Pilot Training

Become A Commercial Airline Pilot

Save Up to $5,000 on Flight Training with AeroGuard for those impacted by COVID-19.

Connect with an Enrollment Advisor to learn how quickly you can become a successful commercial airline pilot.

Save $5,000 on Your Tuition

To help the aviation industry and those who have been adversely affected by COVID-19, AeroGuard is offering $5,000 off full program tuition and 5% off custom quote and RTP tuition for those that have lost their job or been placed on a leave of absence, voluntary or required.

For Flight Attendants, Gate Agents, Ramp Agents and those currently outside the aviation industry, if you have planned to become a commercial airline pilot, now may be the time to commit to training.

With AeroGuard’s 2 year Pathway Program, you’ll be available to work for the airlines as a pilot once the industry has recovered and returned to its normal operations!

*Students are required to start class by May 31st, 2020 in order to receive the discount.

Why Choose AeroGuard for Your Commercial Flight Training

  • Pilot Pathway Program Takes You from 0 Flight Experience to Commercial Pilot in as Little as 10 Months
    • Complete 7 FAA pilot ratings and certifications
    • Guaranteed job offer as CFI with AeroGuard upon completion of training
    • $17,500 tuition reimbursement and guaranteed final interview as First Officer with SkyWest Airlines
  • Rotor Transition Program Available for Current Helicopter Pilots Seeking a Commercial Airline Career
    • Complete all necessary training in as little as 4 months
    • Up to $27,500 tuition reimbursement and guaranteed final interview as First Officer with SkyWest Airlines
  • Several Ideal Flying Locations Throughout the US
    • Phoenix, AZ – Deer Valley Airport
    • Riverside County, CA – French Valley Airport
    • Austin, TX – Georgetown Municipal Airport
    • Fort Myers, FL – Punta Gorda Airport
  • Unmatched Training Quality and Student Support
    • Dedicated academic advisor and academic workshops for ground training
    • Unlimited access to RedBird simulators
    • Unlimited overage hours strategically placed by your training managers to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success
    • Unlimited flight observations of other students’ missions to help prepare for your own
    • A Duty CFI to monitor all your solo flights and more!
  • Financing with Monthly Living Stipends Available

From Zero Experience to Commercial Airline Pilot in About 2 Years

Our career pipeline programs are the most efficient and dependable way to launch your career in aviation.

• First Solo Flight & Private Pilot License
• Commercial Pilot License
• Certified Flight Instructor License

Pilot Training Phase
About 10 months

Graduate with 7 FAA Ratings and Certifications

Paid Pilot Intern Phase
14 to 18 months

Guaranteed Final Interview With SkyWest Airlines

Your Career Begins!