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Cessna 152

Aircraft Features

This two-seat, high-wing aircraft, running on a 110-horsepower piston engine with a fixed-pitch propeller, has a critical role in our flight training program. The Cessna 152 is used for Spin Training during the CFI portion of the program, as it is certified in the utility category and is designed for the aerobatic maneuvers pilots perform in them. This aircraft has been around for several years, but our expert maintenance team works diligently to continuously update it as necessary to keep it in great condition for the safety of our students and staff.

Cessna 152 Training

Training in the Cessna 152 allows pilots to gain the knowledge and skills needed to overcome the challenges of spin recovery, identifying unusual flight altitudes and remaining in control during these maneuvers. The Cessna 152 is the perfect workhorse for building aeronautical experience and knowledge in order to achieve your ratings and master critical skills. Spin training includes stall awareness, spin entry, spins and spin recovery procedures. Though Spin and Upset Recovery training in the Cessna 152 is required by the FAA, it’s also important knowledge for pilots to have for their overall safety in the air.

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