Curriculum - AeroGuard


Conducting training under approved part 141 courses as well as part 61, AeroGuard is recognized as one of the premier flight schools across the globe as it offers comprehensive training programs for both national and international airlines. With an established brand and superior training programs, AeroGuard is the flight school of choice for domestic students and international airlines.

AeroGuard offers a top-tier curriculum for pilots-in-training that’s unmatched by another flight training organization. It’s an integrated approach – designed with safety and efficiency in mind – that will accelerate your dreams into reality.

Beyond your time mastering academic material on the ground, there is the time you spend learning to fly at AeroGuard with our standardized fleet of 70+ aircraft expertly maintained by our on-site FAA-approved repair station.

Due to our strong partnerships with airlines from around the world, our training is infused with many aspects that parallel the training standards and procedures of the airlines. Our curriculum breaks down FAA areas of operation required for each phase of flight training so that student pilots can build a strong foundation in the airplane, and allows these skills to strategically build upon each other in an effective manner.

To assist with student success, AeroGuard has built in training support and extra resources to compliment our strategic curriculum such as stage checks, unlimited SIM time, and academic workshops. You can learn more about each of these support resources on our Student Support page.

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