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What Can You Expect from a Flight Instructor Salary?

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Whether starting off as a brand new cadet, or if you already have your pilot license, working as a CFI and earning a flight instructor salary is a key step in your aviation career. It allows pilots to accrue the necessary flight time they need to progress, or to keep their skills sharp and train a new generation of pilots. Whatever the reasons, here is what you can expect from a flight instructor salary on average – and what AeroGuard does to make it better.

Flight Instructor Salary and How AeroGuard Does it Better

At AeroGuard we provide people with two avenues to careers in the air. One, is to become an AeroGuard cadet and progress from zero experience to becoming an airline pilot in as little as two years! Another starting point is as a Certified Flight Instructor.

Working as a flight instructor is a popular choice for those looking to rack up some flight hours as they work their way up, it can also be a nice ‘side’ job for those who enjoy flying but aren’t looking to make being an airline pilot their career. Many of these flight instructors report earning hourly wages, anywhere between $15-50 an hour. But again, that’s hourly and not a salary.

A salary is a known quantity. It means knowing that regardless of how many hours you’re flying, whether the week is slow, or action packed, you’re making a wage you can count on. While becoming a pilot may be a dream come true, it’s hard to live the life you want when you’re not financially stable.

What AeroGuard does differently from many other schools is that we provide our Certified Flight Instructors with a salaried position, meaning our CFIs aren’t earning hourly like most. In addition to a job they love, AeroGuard CFIs the financial stability and benefits that come with being a full-time employee.

So What’s The Average Then?

According to recruiting site and mega podcast advertiser ZipRecruiter, the average flight instructor salary ranges about $20,000 from $49,346 in North Carolina to $68,899 for flight instructors in New York. That range is of course built from a wide variety of factors. 

With AeroGuard, no matter which Flight Training Center you are based out of, you are getting a competitive annual salary for the industry, and with so many sunny days, you can be flying year round!

But Salary Isn’t Everything…

Money is great, don’t get us wrong, but it isn’t everything. Aside from a good wage, prospective flight instructors should look at what kind of other benefits their potential employers offer. Some may offer a salary, but few can match the range of benefits we provide at AeroGuard!

Aside from the competitive annual salary (with bonuses!) AeroGuard offers:


  • Automatic pay raise after 12 months
  • Up to $3,000 training credit for MEI
  • Up to $2,000 in relocation support provided
  • 3 weeks of temporary housing available
  • Mentorship and monthly workshops with partner SkyWest Airlines
  • Onsite maintenance working 24 hours a day
  • 400+ students
  • More than 350 days of flying weather
  • A fleet of Piper Archers and Seminoles


Note: CFIs with AeroGuard must meet a few requirements, the ability to work in the United States and must have their first class airman’s medical.

All of these benefits work to make our CFIs fulfilled and taken care of. When our instructors are happy, they teach better. When instructors are teaching better our cadets learn better, it makes better pilots period.

Ready to work for AeroGuard, earning a competitive salary, with potential bonuses and so much more? Reach out today, work for AeroGuard tomorrow!