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AeroGuard’s Rotor Transition Program – Elevate Your Flying

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We spend a lot of time here on the AeroGuard blog talking about the career and life of a pilot, and for good reason! So many of our students and audience are folks who are looking to make the leap into a whole new career in the aviation industry. But there is another path that leads to a life as an airline pilot, one for those who already have a certain set of skills, perhaps earned in their experience in the armed forces. AeroGuard’s rotor transition program is the program to take helicopter pilots out from under the rotor and put them into a fixed wing.

This time on the blog we’re going to give a brief rundown on what exactly goes on into our rotor transition program often truncated to RTP, and why it’s the option for helicopter pilots looking to broaden their horizons.

Rotor Transition Program

Expanding your capabilities makes you an incredibly viable potential hire and that range will serve you well. You’ve flown for hundreds of hours, rotor and fixed wing, you’re a multi-talented pilot with years of experience new cadets can’t match.

All rotor transition programs work to take the existing skill set of helicopter pilots and leverage it in a way that makes adopting fixed wing aircraft a natural progression. Not all programs are created equal! Aeroguard’s Rotor Transition Program is best-in-class offering for skilled helicopter pilots to transition their skills into a career flying fixed wing aircraft.

Why It’s the Best Option


Making a career change up can be difficult to start. After all, with life coming at you fast, do you even have the time to try? AeroGuard works with our cadets to make the transition a smooth and quick as possible!

AeroGuard’s rotor transition curriculum, specifically called the Rotor to Fixed Wing Program, is designed to guide experienced helicopter pilots into commercial airline pilot roles in as little as 4 months! Building off the already present foundational aviation knowledge a helicopter pilot has means the course can be completed at an accelerated pace as opposed to traditional pilot schools (AeroGuard has an accelerated program for cadets with zero experience).

With our partnership with SkyWest Airlines, it also means that waiting at the other end of the program is a job opportunity! Taking the first step with AeroGuard means your career path is clear.


Aside from the aforementioned time benefit (making the change in 4 months!), there are a number of other reasons to pursue the rotor transition program with AeroGuard: in fact, about 27,500 of them!

AeroGuard is partnered with SkyWest, the nation’s largest regional airline, to provide new pilots serious benefits to their fledgling career. To pilots who complete the program with AeroGuard and move into flying for SkyWest, they can receive up to $27,500 in bonuses and tuition reimbursement! Our RTP pilots also receive a guaranteed interview with SkyWest, potentially securing a job offer as a First Officer, before even starting your training! Not to mention, you’ll have loads more experience in the sky than most traditional cadets, putting you at advantage when it comes time to thrive.

SkyWest Flies Best

In addition to the incredible bonus and tuition reimbursement packages offered, SkyWest makes for a great partner for a number of reasons. They have over 20 domiciles across the U.S., making for plenty of options for living from coast to coast. SkyWest have an industry-leading 401(k) match and profit-sharing options. They operate more new aircraft than any other regional airline and have flight agreements with the United, American, Delta, and Alaska Airlines.

All this to say pilots who utilize AeroGuard and go on through SkyWest have an incredibly solid, structured, and supported career path. After all, rotor pilots already have proven themselves capable, skilled, and ready to work, why would we want to delay them?

Are you a helicopter pilot ready to take that next step? Or a student finishing up classes and looking to make a change? With AeroGuard Flight Training Center, your path is clear. Contact us today and begin your path to the skies!

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