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Pilot Careers for You to Consider in Aviation

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There has never been a better time to choose a career in aviation. Boeing estimates is a growing worldwide demand for pilots. Over the next 20 years, 790,000 civilian pilots, 754,000 maintenance technicians and 890,000 cabin crew will be needed. Imagine your office is the sky, and you fly over cities and skylines for your occupation. In this pilot job outlook, we’ll share with you the different pilot careers you can aim for. There is a great need for many different pilots. 


1.  Major Airline Pilot

Becoming a pilot for a major airline allows you to fly all over the world! With thousands of airlines across the globe you can find a job just about anywhere. At AeroGuard, we train you to become one of the best pilots out there and prepare you for the airlines. As a pilot for the major airlines such as United, American, Delta and Southwest you are able to travel the world with your eye to the sky every day.

2.  Regional Airline Pilot

Many pilots use regional airlines as a stepping stone into the major airlines. However, pilots also enjoy flying for regional airlines for their pilot careers because it keeps them close to home! This is especially a great option for pilots with families. At AeroGuard, we have a partnership with one of the top regional airlines in the United States, SkyWest. Both AeroGuard and SkyWest will provide you with a clear pathway to success.

3.  Cargo Pilot

Being a cargo pilot is a stable and rewarding career. Airplanes that are used in cargo flights are often the same airplanes that are used for major and regional airlines, but without the seats this time. Your training to become a cargo pilot is just the same as training to fly with passenger airlines. When flying for a cargo company such as FedEx or UPS, you have many options to choose from for flying. You can either fly in smaller planes around your region, or fly larger planes and have the opportunity to see the world.

4.  Medical Pilot

Medical pilots, also called EMS pilots, fly for various reasons. From organ transfers and deliveries, life flights, extreme medical emergencies and even non-emergency patient transportation, there are many jobs as a medical pilot. While as a pilot, you need to be calm in all situations, it is especially important to remain calm in medical flights similar to how an emergency doctor stays calm in the ER. Being a medical pilot can be very rewarding as you are flying to help someone’s life.

5.  Military Pilot

While you may think all military pilots are sent into combat this is not necessarily true. These pilots are able to fly some of the most state of the art planes and other aircraft. There are over 200 careers in being a military pilot. Whether you want to get into humanity, computer science, missile and space, natural science, nursing and so much more, there are options for nearly everyone.

6.  Firefighter Pilot

Becoming a firefighter pilot is difficult, but very rewarding. These pilots need to be well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable to be able to safely put out a fire while flying. When firefighter pilots aren’t putting out fires, they have the ability to work in another job as a CFI, commercial pilot or even a private pilot.

7.  Law Enforcement Pilot

Nearly every law enforcement, whether local, state, or federal, requires pilots. These pilots go through rigorous training to fly airplanes, jets and helicopters. Law Enforcement Pilots, also known as Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE), are used to conduct multiple operations from patrolling to search and rescue operations.

8.  Drone Pilots

As a new career in aviation, the number of drone pilots needed is sure to grow. Drone pilots have created many new uses for different professions. From real estate, tourism, science and law enforcement, drone pilots are rapidly expanding.

9.  Tour Pilots

Tour pilots do just what it sounds like – take tourists out to different attractions. This can be done in a private plane or helicopter. Many of these pilots go down into attractions such as the Grand Canyon so that tourists can get a good view of everything happening on the ground below them. If you want to be a tour pilot there are many different attractions in the United States that require this pilot career.

In Conclusion

These are just a few examples of different pilot careers for you to consider if you want to enter the aviation industry. Reading over these pilot careers may even give you an idea of the direction you want to take for your aviation career. Once you have discovered the direction you want to take in aviation, your next steps are to understand what schooling and certifications you need.

Training with AeroGuard gives you the opportunity to fly with one of the top regional airlines in the country, SkyWest. At AeroGuard, we offer multiple training programs for you from our Pilot Pathway Program, Rotor Transition Program and International Student Program. If you are interested in becoming a pilot contact us today!

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