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High Quality Flight Training In Jeddah

Flight School Curriculum

AeroGuard has a simple goal: We create the best-trained pilots in the industry, on an accelerated timeline, setting them up for long and successful careers as professional aviators.

Our Flight Training Programs are accelerated, with a professionally focused, high quality curriculum that enable our students to seamlessly transition to working for an airline.

Ground support includes award winning safety and maintenance teams, mentorship and career guidance to keep you focused and progressing through the program.

While our programs are accelerated, we understand the need to rest and recover, so our curriculum is balanced with classroom training, flight missions, and off-days to study and or relax before your next exam.

Highly Trained Staff & Instructors

The best instructors are essential for training the best pilots. AeroGuard’s growing reputation throughout the industry is because we don’t settle for anything but the best. AeroGuard employs over 100 flight instructors on the flight line and growing. That’s 100+ flight instructors training new pilots every day. AeroGuard instructors have the discipline to train, using our rigorous and superior process. Our students can be confident of receiving the best in aviation training from every AeroGuard flight instructor.

At AeroGuard, we pride ourselves in being able to train great pilots and that means we need great instructors which is why every hired instructor must go through AeroGuard’s standardization training. Another important piece is AeroGuard’s Check Airman Program which puts our aviation instruction in a class by itself. This program has been expertly designed to provide rigorous instruction, individualized feedback and professional mentoring for career development, all while putting safety and quality at the forefront.

Academic Support

AeroGuard offers a dedicated academic instructor providing you with extra support and access to various workshops to help you throughout your ground school training.

Company Hierarchy

Students are assigned to highly-trained instructors at a low student-instructor ratio  

Groups of instructors are supervised and mentored by training managers who closely track the progress of individual students.

Training managers report to a team leader whose job is to foster the growth and development of all the students and faculty under them.

Training managers report to upper-level management who constantly work to improve AeroGuard’s curriculum, student support system, and academic quality.

These elements allow AeroGuard to provide consistent, reliable training that will ensure students complete their training successfully and on time.


At AeroGuard, we are leaders when it comes to setting a higher standard for safety. That means you can rest easy knowing that you are training the right way while following the highest level of internationally accepted safety standards.

From our expertly maintained fleet and airline-style dispatching procedures to our solo-flight safety training, flight risk assessment, and safety stop programs, our commitment to safety is built into every aspect while being reinforced on a daily basis and audited regularly. When it comes time to choose a flight school, there is no safer place to train than AeroGuard Flight Training Center.

AeroGuard’s Commitment To Safety

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is committed to develop, implement, and improve safety standards that will provide our students with the highest possible aviation training standards while fostering a safe learning environment at all times.

Our first priority is the safety and well being of our students and staff.

  • Safety requires deliberate effort, conscious commitment and relentless discipline by all members of the AeroGuard team. We will work alongside each other to ensure the safest environment we can collectively achieve.
  • As a learning institution we recognize and encourage open participation, sharing of information, reporting of hazards and challenges to the status quo in order to continuously manage and improve the safety of our operations
  • No disciplinary action will be taken against any person reporting a safety hazard or concern. Significant contributions in improving workplace safety will be appropriately acknowledged.
  • Together we will foster an atmosphere where safety remains a priority in everything we do.

A comprehensive systematic approach to the management of aviation safety within the company, including the interfaces between the company and its suppliers, subcontractors and business partners.

World Wide Training Partners

AeroGuard is partners with airlines and universities around the globe to provide exceptional pilot training to their cadets, students and future pilots.

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