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Dual License Program

International Flight Training Options

Zero Flight Experience Needed

AeroGuard has campuses around the world and as a result, there is an option to utilize this network to acquire pilot licenses from multiple countries.  In AeroGuard ArabiaSM’s Dual License program, students will complete a portion of training at our campus in Saudi Arabia and a portion of training in the United States.

This experience will provide certifications from both countries, gain knowledge and experience from different continents, become eligible for more jobs worldwide, and an opportunity to study abroad.

This Hybrid program is possible with both the Airline Ready program as well as the Instructor Cadet program.  In both programs, you will complete your Private Pilot (PPL) at the facility in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, and then your IR, CPL in the United States.

In the case of the Instructor Cadet program, you will also complete your CFI in the United States.  In both programs, you will complete the program back in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia where you will go through a license conversion process.

Dual License program Benefits

  • FAA and GACA Pilot Licenses
  • Study Abroad
  • Additional Experience Makes You More Eligible For Airline Hiring
  • Accelerated Training Timeline


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Dual License Program


The Student Pilot Phase sets the groundwork for your career as you build the skills, experience, knowledge, and confidence you need to become a pilot at an airline. You will receive first-class training from a carefully optimized syllabus and will graduate with 4 ratings : PPL, IR, CPLSE & CPLME.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to apply for First or Second Officer positions with some domestic airlines.

At AeroGuard, we place a priority on student safety & support, so you will always have the resources and guidance you need to succeed as a student pilot in the safest training environment possible.

Flight Training Timeline

Study In Saudi Arabia

3-4 Months

Study In U.S.A.

8-10 Months

Finish Course In Saudi Arabia

1-2 Months

AeroGuard has a simple goal: We create the best-trained pilots in the industry, on an accelerated timeline, setting them up for long and successful careers as professional aviators.

Our Flight Training Programs are accelerated, with professionally focused, high quality curricula that enable our students to seamlessly transition to working for an airline.

Ground support includes award winning safety and maintenance teams, mentorship and career guidance to keep you focused and progressing through the program.

While our programs are accelerated, we understand the need to rest and recover, so our curriculum is balanced with classroom training, flight missions, and off-days to study and or relax before your next exam.

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