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Accelerated Flight Training In Jeddah

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At AeroGuard, we offer multiple pilot training programs to help you realize your dream of becoming a professional pilot. Whether you’re interested in a direct approach to achieving your commercial pilot’s license or fully qualified flight instructor, AeroGuard has worked diligently to offer multiple programs that can be catered to individuals of many different backgrounds and experience levels. Each program has a carefully optimized curriculum designed to help you master the skills you need to become a commercial airline pilot.

AeroGuard’s fully integrated training programs combine safety, quality, & efficiency to ensure your success in the industry. After graduating from AeroGuard, cadets are confident and well-prepared to make a smooth transition into a career flying professionally.

Whether your goal is to become an airline pilot or flight instructor, AeroGuard’s programs have been designed and refined to exceed the global standard of pilot training. This is due to the fact that AeroGuard has adopted many of the same training styles and techniques of the major airlines. Most importantly, we deliver an exceptionally high graduation rate due to our strong commitment to student success.

AeroGuard’s Airline Ready program and Instructor Cadet program each have unique value to meet the needs of our cadets.

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