AeroGuard Flight School - Commercial Pilot Training In Jeddah

Become A Commercial Airline Pilot

Airlines are experiencing a critically high demand for new pilots with over 600,000 job openings by 2036, and rising pilot salaries.

Connect with a career advisor to learn how quickly you can become a successful commercial airline pilot.

Why Choose AeroGuard for Your Commercial Flight Training

  • Accelerated, Professional Airline Pilot Training
  • Globally Recognized Training Provider
  • Unmatched Training Quality and Safety Standards for your long-term career success
  • 4 Locations across the U.S. and Saudi Arabia
  • Multiple Pilot Training Programs to meet your needs

AeroGuard Flight School Locations

  • Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
  • Phoenix, AZ Flight School
  • Chandler, AZ Flight School
  • Austin, TX Flight School

Direct & Hybrid Training Programs

  • Airline Ready Program Takes You from 0 Flight Experience to Airline Ready in 10-12 Months
    • Dual Licenses (GACA & FAA) Available
    • Meet Airline Hiring Requirements
    • High Quality Training and Professional Instruction
  • Instructor Cadet Program
    • Guaranteed Certified Flight Instructor Position With AeroGuard Arabia
    • 14 – 16 Month Accelerated Training
    • Additional Flight Hours and Certifications
  • Dual License Program
    • Train & Study Internationally¬†
    • GACA & FAA Certifications
    • Additional Experience For Elite Airline Hiring


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